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Grass-fed beef in the news

Why Grass-Fed Beef?

  • Beef from grass-fed cattle is healthier and leaner than beef from grain-fed cattle.
  • It’s higher in beneficial Omega-three fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, and lower in
    saturated fat.
  • Cattle fed on grass have no hormones or antibiotics added to their feed.
  • Grazing is natural for cattle, as opposed to eating grain, which is unnatural and a cause of health problems and disease.
  • It reduces the waste-management problems caused by factory farms and feedlots.
  • It helps keep the environment free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow corn and grain fed to cattle on factory farms.
  • It reduces fuel consumption and the use of petroleum-based products in agriculture, and helps to slow the process of global warming.
  • It helps preserve the Pampas and its natural biodiversity.